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Impacts of Taiwan earthquake on ecotourism

The average annual rainfall being 2600mm and average monthly temperatures range from 15 C in winter to 20 C in summer. Taiwan also boasts of four major botanical communities: tropical, subtropical, temperate and alpine with about 4300 species of vascular plants, 18000 fauna species and of course wide range of wild animals (E-shu Tsao 2005: 215, Chapter 25)
"Human life is fleeting, but cypress is forever." Two of the six famous false cypress that survive in the world can be found in Taiwan, namely Taiwan red cypress (Chamaecyparis formosensis) and the Taiwan yellow cypress (Chamaecyparis obtuse) located at altitudes between 1300 meters to 2600 meters, these areas have greatest precipitation and also serve as a source of water for over 100 rivers (Chang Chin-ju. Sinorama Magazine 2005).
False cypress wood is light and easy to work; it is flexible, rot proof and termite resistant. It rarely warps, and hardly shrinks; it planes to a smooth, fine surface. It's so versatile: boats, bridges, carriages, cabinets or coffins-there's not one it's not suitable for. In short, of all Taiwan's commercial timbers, there's not another to match it. (Chang Chin-ju. Sinorama Magazine 2005)
According to Wikipedia the encyclopaedia Agritourism is described as a "style of vacation in which hospitality is offered on farms." ...
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Taiwan is a part of Republic of China (ROC) and is an island lying 160kms off the south-eastern coast of China, 394 km long and 144 km wide comprising of massive rugged mountains (about 70%) with more than 100 peaks of over 3000m; Jade Mountain in Taiwan is the highest in Northeast Asia with an elevation of 3952m…
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