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Assignment example - Arranged Muslim Marriages

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The perception of the practice of actively promoting arranged marriages in the Western World among Muslims and Non-Muslims alike is more positive the older they are. Also it is more likely that a younger Muslim male than female will agree with arranged marriages…

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In the twentieth century this institution became an icon of the past in the west, because of the women's rights movement the freeing of sexuality. However, this does not mean that the actual institution of arrange marriages is bad and restrictive to the women's rights. In fact in many cases, in the past, an arranged marriage was used by the family to ensure their daughter would be sufficiently provided for and protected. This discussion is going to explore whether Muslim arranged marriages are a positive or negative institution. It will do this by exploring the literature of the women's rights movement; as well as referring to Islamic law. It will then consider the results of a ten point questionnaire that was performed on variety of Muslims and non-Muslims in the UK. Finally it will consider the research a long the lines of correlating the data that was obtained and considering the theoretical basis of whether arranged marriages are in fact a positive or negative institution.
The main contenders against arranged marriages are women's rights theorists, because it is a way to sell your daughter to gain economic or status benefits. Therefore this discussion will focus on the women's rights theory for and against arranged marriages then consider Islamic law and the benefits of the institution. Inequality is a reality for women at all levels of life, in the home, in the labor market and as a citizen of the state. ...
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