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United Nations peacekeeping

The success or failure of any peacekeeping operation depends on the people and the authorities of the place were the peacekeeping mission is being operated. The UN, who operates these missions, should have experienced and efficient staff to handle these operations. In spite of this effort for a more systematic move, the presentation of peacekeeping operations has been impromptu. This system was designed to stand-in for the collective security system, which was hindered by the stalemate in the Security Council between the permanent members. Over the past thirty years international peacekeeping, has a diverse record of success. The opposition of third party states and other subnationals has been one of the main reasons for the failure of peacekeeping operations. These two play a key role either in refusing to stop any violence and also trying to attack the peacekeepers. The failure of some of the peacekeeping operations can be attributed to these. To make peacekeeping operations a success, all parties should stop violence, and should work hard and wish to maintain peace. The superpowers of the world like USA and Russia also play an important role in determining the success or failure of a peacekeeping operation. (Diehl 1988, p.503)A clear mandate of the proposed mission is very necessary to work efficiently on the mission. If a mandate were not clear, it would affect the efficiency of the work to be put in a mission. ...
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The success or failure of any peacekeeping operation depends on the people and the authorities of the place were the peacekeeping mission is being operated. The UN, who operates these missions, should have experienced and efficient staff to handle these operations…
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