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The Mass Media and Its Roles in Influencing Society

This essay approves that the role the media plays is critical to the preservation of freedom itself. The Constitutional right to freedom of expression and of the press includes the un-infringed right to investigate and publicly announce information or to espouse opinion. An effective media outlet must have editorial independence and serve a diversity of public interests uncontrolled by government or ideological influence. An adversarial relationship sometimes exists between mass media and the government regarding the public’s right to know balanced against matters of national security. Politicians rely on mass media to communicate their message as do sports organizations, televangelists and situation comedies because of the social impact it generates due to its popularity. But what are the effects of this social impact? The mass media is a persuasive socializing instrument influencing how people learn about our world and interact with one another. By necessity, the public bases most of its knowledge on news accounts, not personal experiences. Citizens are reliant on the media for what they know and how they relate philosophically to political issues. This report makes a conclusion that media that is controlled by anything other than the motivation to gather and distribute accurate and prevalent information must be questioned. The debate regarding the ideals and responsibilities regarding the role of the media in our society must encompass discussion that ensures that the information we receive meets society’s needs and not the purposes of those that have selfish interests. This powerful source must shape opinion based on the truth and not ulterior motives of government, business or individuals. Only in this way can mass media play a positive role in society. ...
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This discussion will address what impact the mass media has in its role within society. The commonly used term ‘mass media’ is used to refer to numerous institutions and individuals that differ in method and purpose as they distribute information to the masses…
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