Should Models with Extremely Low BMI not be exposed on Public Media?

Should Models with Extremely Low BMI not be exposed on Public Media? Coursework example
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There has been a misconception around the world especially among young people where they associate weight with beauty.People usually perceive being skinny as beauty while they consider having a lot or some weight as not being beautiful. …


Should Models with Extremely Low BMI not be exposed on Public Media?

Fashion houses and developers usually use skinny people to model their products hence incepting the idea that in order for one to be beautiful they must be skinny. This paper will use Consequentialist (Utilitarian) Ethicist and Kantian Deontologism theories to show how the fashion industry should be governed to ensure that the notion of beauty and weight which are common in young people. Hence, the use of models with a low body mass index should be prohibited from all fashion shows and advertising within the fashion arts. First of all many people will argue that the above statement is wrong because it stipulates that all model who are skinny should not be prohibited from fashion shows and advertisement hence making a lot of people to loose their source of income. Having a low body mass index does not necessarily mean that someone is skinny. Have a low body mass index means that one’s weight is negatively proportional to their height which is unhealthy. The consequentlism theory of utilitarian ethics can be used to support the above thesis statement. The theory stipulates that to determine if something is right or wrong ones should consider the consequences that result from such an action. When one considers the fashion industry very tiny girls are usually used to advertise new fashions trends that usually have a huge impact on young people. ...
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