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Exercise Deprivation on Mood

The tend to exercise more due to the guilt of overeating and when it helps in maintaining the body and also improves the mood, the habit would become habitual, which could turn fatal to the health of the individual. This type of behavior is found commonly among college goers who heavily depend on exercises to keep themselves fit and healthy and achieve a greater level of mood satisfaction. Apart from normal individuals, exercise plays a vital role in case of athletes who need to maintain a certain level of fitness to overcome the pressures of the game. However, there has not been much research that has focused on what impact will exercise dependence have in case of athletes. Thus the article provides a comparative study on the impact of exercise dependence and withdrawal on the mood changes in both athletes and non-athletes.
In this correlational study 46 athlete and 34 non-athletes female participants were included. The athlete participants were not in-season players and were not attending any training at the time of the study and the sports in which they were engaged included basketball, football, swimming and diving. The non-athletes on the other hand exercised for two hours per week. The age, height, weight, demography and exercise dependence status of the participants using a exercise dependence scale were obtained. ...
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The article is a correlational study in which the impact of exercise deprivation on athletes and non-athletes is analyzed. Exercise dependence is similar to any other kind of addiction such as drugs or alcohol abuse, wherein the individual craves for excessive physical activity without any consideration for negative effects that it can have such as an injury…
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