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Data analysis. Statistical Significance of the Parameters

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dependent var 1946.249 S.E. of regression 455.4699     Akaike info criterion 15.33487 Sum squared resid 3526698.     Schwarz criterion 15.72491 Log likelihood -183.6859     Hannan-Quinn criter. 15.44305 F-statistic 60.17375     Durbin-Watson stat 1.916498 Prob(F-statistic) 0.000000 Y: Monthly manhours needed to operate an establishment X1: Average daily occupation X2: Monthly average number of check-ins X3: Weekly hours of service desk operation X4: Common use area (in square feet) X5: Number of building wings X6: Operational berthing capacity X7: Number of rooms ?

Financial Independence of Elderly

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The above graph shows that 45 percent of Americans at age 65 were financially dependent on relatives. This means tough times not only for these senior citizens, but also for the families who are supporting them. Around 30 percent live on government aid, such as Social Security.

Taj Mahal

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Its architectural and stunning design, especially at dawn and sunset, surpasses any particular and adequate description. Across the Jamuna River, specifically on a foggy morning, the temple seems to be suspended, giving visitors an experience like no other.

The stress-level of Tyrolean students

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Different countries of the world hold different education systems. Each system is unique and holds separate influential factors for students in the system. On a general context, there are several factors that affect a student’s life and the way he or she attempts to receive knowledge.

Statistics Project ( Need a topic)

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The main theme is to comment on the data through selection of appropriate measure of central tendency. The second part consists of the analysis of data related to the visitors to UK and the revenue that UK generates. The regression analysis and coefficient of correlation are used to determine the required results.

Analyze statistics reported in a news article, advertisement, or poll from a print source.

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” Explain where the statistics come from and what bias the source might have. (2) “How do they know?” Analyze how the data was collected and manipulated.   (3) “What’s missing?” Look for information that has been withheld or buried. What difference might the missing information make?

Restaurants and Happiness/life satisfaction

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Above all, does he get satisfaction ultimately both physically and mentally. So there are so many parameters involved in the study of satisfaction towards food. It may be influenced through restaurants of good quality, which can add to nutritional value and physical value.

Report to management regarding factors that go into making up a given household budget

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The following is a report to management regarding factors that go into making up a given household budget. By developing a rule of thumb measure, as reported within these pages, it is expected that estimation of total family expenditures will be made easier to calculate.

Only a "Result" Section for a paper

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All other sources were not found significant. For getting interactions among various symptoms, ANOVA2 was used. As far as symptom items are concerned, no significant interactions relative to race were found among cognitive, somatic and behavioral symptoms.

finance report about HSBC in dubai performance

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The operations of the bank have substantial local exposure and the bank conducts it through a network a network of 50 branches and four pay offices. Analyzing the group structure of the bank, Australia’s Macquarie Bank and Malaysia’s RHB Capital Berhad comes as the prominent names.

general statistic

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The data was collected from students at different times of the schooling hours. The data was collected has been presented in tabulated form in fig i and fig i (a) No.of students   Student ages       1   17-18 5   18-19 15   19-20 19   20-21 22   21-22 21   22-23 14   23-24 3   24-25 Figure i (a) Type of Data There are two basic types of data quantitative and qualitative.

Project Part 5

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Professors are also given a chili-pepper icon when the reviewer thinks that the professor is “hot” in terms of physical looks. Some controversy has risen from the website as students and even professors devour the results as if it were an official ranking method.


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There are total five topologies to design a computer network. However, all of these five topologies share certain factors. Each topology demonstrates disadvantages as well as advantages that will be discussed further. The five different topologies are illustrated below: 1.1 Star Topology Star topology is recommended for the wired local area network.

Supply Chain Improvement and Control Individual Assessment 2011

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So I first calculated EMV for production without advertising in Scotland, weighted with demand probability, and came to a number of L 420 daily profit. Daily profit in China on the same basis without imposed tariff would be L 546,67, while with imposed tariff would only be L 373,33.

Automobiles The Evolution From Fossil Fuels to All Electric Vehicles

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The following assignment will look at the cars evolution from fossil fuels to the more advanced hybrid and electric approaches of today. Working hypothesis Electric vehicles are more efficient uses of our energy production then purely fossil fuel driven vehicles.

Company Analysis: Family Care International

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Nonprofit organizations are organization and activities next to the institutional complexes of government, state, or public sector on the other hand and the for profit or business sector on the other, wherein it focuses on the field of welfare provision, education, community development, international relations, arts, environment and culture (Bryson, 2011).

CRM (Tesco)

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Customers are savvier about the service they should be getting and are voting with their wallets based on the experience they receive. The concepts of customer relationship management have been in the air ever since one caveman had a choice of buying an arrowhead from either Og or Thag, but CRM as a term gained currency in the mid-1990s.


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The mean gross profit for the healthcare industry is 14,525.19 while for the telecommunication industry the mean is 13,157.37, from the figures it is evident that health care industry has a relatively high gross profit than the telecommunication industry.

The offer from Big Ideas Limited for Project Management Limited

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The project is currently at the feasibility appraisal stage. Mr. Smart has also sought specific advice relating to the future phases and activities of the project from the planning stage to the implementation phase. The Conference is tentatively scheduled to take place on 15 December 2005.

Financial Strategy

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Furthermore, the number of its employees is really impressive reaching the 400,000 who enjoy conditions of diversity both geographically but also culturally. It has to be highlighted that the company managed through the 60 + years of existence (it was established in 1941) to extend its activities globally through a continuous and radical growth both as a consequence of its performance as well as through the acquisitions of its competitors.

Loyalty Programmes in Hotels Statistics Project

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Decrease price sensitivity (Is there an effort on part of your hotel to persuade customers to try new offers, pay premium prices, and/or use the hotel for increasingly diverse services so that they resist cheaper offers by competing hotels) 10. How do you assess the success of your loyalty programme (for instance do you set targets while launching a loyalty programme and then measure outcomes to these targets or assess the total cost of loyalty programme and the profit that was achieved through the launch or any other method)

Relation of learning styles and business training

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It is commonly known that hypotheses formulated and to be tested through a study are called null hypotheses, which is statistically denoted as Ho and if the null hypotheses are rejected, the researcher has to accept the alternative hypotheses. However, alternate hypotheses, statistically Hi, are not formulated in the beginning as it is implied and usually they are the exact opposite of null hypotheses and they need not be expressed in the beginning.

Real Estate Statistics Project

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Real estate prices are factored on the premise of land demand. There is so much property that can be created in a particular location and it is not possible to construct more. The rise or fall in property prices are then influenced by market contingencies such as the economic recession being faced the world over now.

Business statistics-----Summarizing Data

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Seeing this one can assume that population growth stable and firm can have a good market in future. During the same period income of people has also grown sharply. Overall impact is that median income increase is around 69%. Median income which was around $18000 in 1980s was increased to $42000 in 1990s and to further $62000 in 2000s.

Company accounting

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As we are making consolidated income statement, these inter-company sales would be eliminated from the total sales of the company. A Ltd company's opening inventory is $880, B Ltd company's opening inventory is $640 and C Ltd company's opening inventory is $790.
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