Keisha B
updated 2 months ago

What di you contribute to meeting your school improvement goals. How do you know it was successful?

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updated 2 months ago

I’ve gathered a group of senior students who were up to help junior students with their homework. We have a lot of students from disadvantaged families, and often these students have troubles with the study. They cannot get any assistance from their parents so they basically don’t get any help with their study. So they eventually stop trying and often drop out of school.

With my friends, we decided to help those who want to get help. At first, we didn’t have support, but to the moment I’ve graduated, we had a network of 20 senior students who mentored around 70 juniors. Many of these kids have become the mentors for next juniors ‘generation’.

I think that such initiative was successful since it turned out to be useful experience for everybody, both for those who taught and those who learned.