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Border Security Technology Deployment.

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In the contractor’s point of view, the job that had been assigned to him/her was virtually impossible because of the lack of independence in his/her work. The assignment was the provision of technology but officials who had little or no knowledge in technology called all the shots in the assignment.

Project Learning Plan

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Student’s signature and date Supervisor’s signature and date I agree to the projects indicated in the Learning Plan being carried out by the said candidate in the workplace, and I am duly authorised to give this permission Employer’s signature and date My level of Master in Professional Studies has introduced me into new and exciting research techniques of reading and achieving complex outcomes such as goal achievement in increasing the presence of strategies and plans (Locke, 1981).

Tourism, Leisure and Event Management in the World of Soft Systems

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Based on your current research projects for Business Essay, Independent Research Study and Dissertation, you will work individually to identify how your research relates to stakeholders needs, and to develop different worldviews which relate to issues which are emerging from your research.

Use of Experts in Scholarly Research

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Use of experts in scholarly research The role of experts in imparting knowledge and instructing research has undergone much debate, and a substantial degree of evolution. However, there is a constant friction present between the traditional set up of teaching involving the role of experts as authorities (Tynjala, 1999), and the postmodern (Galt, 2008) concept of constructivism (Murphy, 1997).

GIS and Elementary Education or GIS and Secondary Education

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In fact, it was unlikely and occurred only in the high school level and in limited situations (Palladino, 1993; Aitken and Craine, 2009). Now, in the new millennium, educators have the basis to believe that computer technology is useful in the school. Computers have given educators a new language, new problems, and another ways of looking at education.

General Systems Theory

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Here the problem is predefined and the solving process focuses on ensuring that the objectives of the intervention environment are met. In the case of Soft Systems Methodology, the apparent problem suggested is not taken as the real problem but the designation of the problem situation, the definition of the problem and the set objectives and goals are all seen as elements of the problems.


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The importance of this component of the post-graduate education is evident from the fact that some universities actually apply clear distinction based on whether the candidate has been able to successfully pass the dissertation acceptance process, by specifying in the degree if the pertinent candidate is one holding such a merit or not (CIT, 2009).

The Tour de France: A Systems of Systems Analysis for Rider Security

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Reporting the results of the SoSE study – this provides the information as to whether the study worked out or not. Evaluating the SoSE study- this gives a conclusion as to whether the study is a success or failure. It also gives a plan for a follow up if successful and follow-through if not successful.

The Requirements in the Success of Business Intelligence Implementation in public domain in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

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Business Intelligence is used by companies for the purpose of bringing about improvement to their decision-making tasks, cutting costs and identifying new business opportunities.

Applying Metaphors in the Workplace: Case study on United Way Systems.

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The United Way System refers to a community-based national movement with a mission of improving the lives of people through the mobilization of the caring power and nature of the communities. It activates the utilization of community resources across the whole country with an aim of touching people’s lives in the greatest possible way (United Way Worldwide, 2011).

HIV in Humanitarian Contexts

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The problem is one which is based on gaps that are not available with the designs and initiatives that are associated with PLHIV. While there are some integration methods which are available for the proper care and assistance, it is also noted that there is a lack of development, strategies and planning with specific programs.

Friends of the Earth

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Distributed in 76 countries internationally, it is the world’s largest grassroots environmental federation [1]. It aims to achieve its goal by influencing government to include accountability and prevent any harm created to the earth’s natural environment in their policy-making, legislature and distribution of funds.

Sir Isaac Newton as the Father of Modern Science in Scientific History

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Sir Isaac Newton: the Father of Modern Science in Scientific History Introduction In scientific history Sir Isaac Newton is considered as the father of modern science because of his epoch-making and unique contributions to the science of physics and mathematics.

Condition Monitoring Photovoltaic Energy Systems-based reliability

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‘Reliability’ in this sense is the chance of failure of PV system or its parts over time which includes numerous materials, components and subcomponents. It is in this context that each of these parts and components are subjected to frequent failures of instruments which can result in ineffective PV module reliability (Muneer, “Large-Scale Solar PV Investment Planning Studies”).

Photovoltaic cells

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Photovoltaic Cell is a heart of energy systems producing energy from sun. PV cells alone constitute almost 50 percent of the total cost of such energy system; therefore, all research is directed toward the reduction of its production cost. Though it is still a costly technology yet its cost per watt has reduced considerably in last few years.


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Health and Safety: A Head Start 06 2.2. The Oil and Gas industry in Nigeria 06 2.3. The Oil and Gas industry in the United States 07 2.4. Health and Safety Practices in Nigeria 08 2.5. Health and Safety Practices in the United States 09 3.0. Methodology 10 3.1.

literature review

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But considering how deeply the world is connect and interconnected, only linguistic understanding is no more enough. One also needs to have good cross-cultural skills and understanding (Robinson, 1988), and behave in a manner that is courteous not only in their own country, but also across other borders.

Natural Resources and Energy

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Natural Resources & Energy. The existence of life on Earth has been mystifying and fascinating to scientists and researchers of all times. The mystery of how life sprang, the theories of creationism and evolutionism that encircles the domain of researches in this area, and the observational evidence of life itself developing and deteriorating at one stage or the other are notions that have puzzled thinkers since the very beginning of time and this quandary has led to wonderful revelations and scientific discoveries.

Unmanned aerial vehicles future use from conventional airports

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Unmanned aerial vehicles future use from conventional airports A lot of research has also been made not only to look at increased use of these machines in the military but also possible applications in civilian and commercial aviation. These possible developments have been held back due to various technical, social and legal issues that need to be resolved before the use of UAVs can become more widespread.There are numerous non-military uses of UAVs (Moore, 2011).

Biotic Components

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Biotic Components. Structural components are the living and the long living things in an ecosystem, or can be called biotic and a-biotic components in an ecosystem. The a-biotic components in a pond ecosystem include, water, light and soil. The biotic components include producers, consumers and decomposers.

New Treatment of Aortic Stenosis by Transcatheter Aortic Valve Implantation

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The aorta is the largest artery in the body and receives blood from the left ventricle supporting the whole body. There are three main causes of aortic stenosis: congenital unicuspid or bicuspid valve with superimposed calcification, degenerative aortic stenosis, and Rheumatic disease as a child or young adult (Kulick, 2012).

Biometrics are increasingly used to control access, critically evaluate the benefits of two biometric technologies for a given s

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The public conscious concerning the issues of environment have risen with a view to respond to the scientific research and the increasing media reporting on the environmental threats and global warming. In business, the sustainability of the environment is a vital section of the movement to corporate social responsibility.

general science

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From the discovery of the telegraph, which played an essential role in the French revolution, to the firefighters and paramedics who came in on their day after the witnessing the World Trade Center Towers attacked on the television. Today, the application if the Internet has become accepted and entrenched collective purpose tools amid the regular people.

Generating Binary Phase Shift Keying

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All the digital modulation schemes use finite numbers of distinct signals in representing digital data. Phase-shift Keying being a digital modulation scheme, as well makes use of a finite number of phases, with each assigned its own unique pattern of binary digits (Kundu 24).

Scheduling: some description of the most important problems, models and solution methods

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According to ‘hyperdictionary’ (2003) there are various meanings of scheduling with respect to computers: “{instruction scheduling} - sequencing the instructions executed by the {CPU} {multitasking} ("process scheduling") - sharing a CPU between several processes {application} {software} to help organize your daily meetings etc.

Analysis of Design small business systems project - following & completing a template attached

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Input / Output Analysis 13 Step 3b. Vertical Analysis 14 Step 3c. Context Analysis 16 Step 6b. Coordination of results from step 4-6 19 Step 7a. Diagnosis of Efficiency Needs 20 Step 7b. Variance Matrix 22 Step 8. Diagnosis of Job Satisfaction needs. 23 Step 8a.

Joint Strike Fighter

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These fields look into the abstract properties of systems. They investigate and expose concepts and principles that are independent of substance, domain or type. A system comprises elements (entities, components, factors parts members etc) that influence each other continually.

Acute Renal Failure

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This condition results in acute failure like injuries, accidents, or in some situations surgeries complications causing the kidney to be deprived of its normal blood flow. In addition to these internal effects of the acute renal failure to the patients, there are external effects of the disease which have proved to be even more difficult to deal with.


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Most networks are built hand in hand with both the computer hardware and computer software (Cook, 2003, p103). This paper tries to analyze the network’s fault tolerance, the cabling and how to configure the basic router commands and the basic router configuration in a networking environment.

Executive Brief Assignment

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There are many different software programmes available for such enhancements, including human resource information systems, enterprise business planning software, and new communications systems. The most primary issue is cost and labour investment that goes into development and whether the advantages outweigh these issues in regards to new technology adoption.

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While attempting a new endeavor and deciding the crucial factors to be considered for the same, could be regarded as part of management studies, the elements which finally must be zeroed down upon, based in terms of cost-efficiency, could be included under the field of economics.


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Also, use this space to ask your instructor questions about the content of your proposal. The peer review mainly talks about the weakness of the proposal that it was more inclines towards describing the problem whereas the solution of the problem was not presented in details.

answering the paragraph

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Metal- Recently there had been progression in metal as new metal alloys and metals have made advancement in aircraft technology. Aluminum is the most versatile metal and is low weight and has high resistance to sun and air with durability. Nowadays the use of metallic is growing as it allows the development of complex parts in aircraft and is light weight.

Science for Energy

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Because of the dire effects of climate change resulting from global warming, there have been concerned efforts that seek to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Some of the remedies to reducing greenhouse gas emissions include using alternative sources of energy and changing human behaviors and cultures.

Discuss the challenges from the introduction and implementation of information systems in public sector organisations, using two

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The fact that many people feed information ranging from general to public has been a major issue of concern. It is important to have databases having privileged information in order to manage the various transactions that people carry out and consequently avoid fraud and also take care of the individual’s accounts in case they become victims of hacking.

genetic disorders

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However, there could be non-disjunction of chromosomes during the process of meiosis as a result one of the cells may receive an extra copy of the chromosome resulting in a condition called trisomy. One of the most common chromosome abnormality in humans is Down Syndrome, a condition associated with an extra chromosome 21.

Environmental Science

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Such measures may include good governance, emphasis on education, and zero tolerance on corruption and so on. But for the purpose of remaining relevant to our topic we are going to dwell on demographic transition and its impact on any given country. Demographic transition is a process said to have began 300 years ago (at the turn of the 18th century) in Britain and France before it spread to Europe and other continents (Poston, 2006).

Enterprise Systems Assessment

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122). Generally, customer service requires much concern as far as the transaction process of online and offline is concerned. This is enhanced through the application and focusing on the 7Cs as per framework requirements of retiling system. The 7Cs thus serve as equivalent tools for e-retail and retail in the company (Hallbauer, 2008, p.

The Benefits of Using The Robotics System In Industrial Area

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As a result, companies are looking for better ways of carrying out business in order to remain competitive (Nof 13). This implies that companies must be efficient, cost-effective and produce with speed. In this regard, robotics has emerged as the best solution to many challenges facing manufacturing companies.

The level of skills in contributing to the development of Human Resource Management (HRM) practice in public sector in the Kingd

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Small, medium and large companies are designing effective human resource practices in order to attract, motivate and retain qualified pool of employees that helps the firm in achieving the overall organizational mission, vision and objectives. Companies are actively providing training and development opportunities to their employees so that they can upgrade their knowledge, skills and abilities.

Human Factors in aircraft operations in unfamiliar airfields.

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Further, airports with restricted runway capacity and when atmospheric conditions fall below visual flight regulations have caused issues to pilots while landing in unfamiliar airfields. While landing at a new airfield, pilots may face some issues due to the factors like terrain, altitude, weather and also vibration, heat, toxins, lighting in the cockpit.

UV Light: Patterns in Nature

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This light is comparatively stronger carrying more energy than normal light and can rupture the chemical bond in atoms or molecules and hence damaging the initial chemistry of the substance that has been exposed to it.

System Science: Modeling

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With internet connectivity in many places of the world, the world has simply become a global village. Currently, Information and Communication Technology is being applied in many departments within the university. This model will be divided into three main areas.

Motivation as a critical success factor

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Importance and Significance of the proposed study 10 5. Methodology 11 6. Research Instruments 12 7. Sample population 13 8. Data analysis 13 9. Justification and limitations 15 10. Ethical considerations 16 11. Time plan and milestones 18 References 1. Purpose and content of this proposal: This paper illustrates a proposal to establish a relationship between employee motivation and organisational success in contemporary management.

Linked -- The New Science of Networks by Albert-Laszlo Barabasi

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In the book Linked, the author Albert-Laszlo Barabasi starts some research categories with his student colleagues and post doctoral researchers trying to analyze networks. The World Wide Web The World Wide Web is a robust network whose nodes are web content pages that have everything: videos, news, advertisements, maps, pictures, books and many more.

Market Research on Radiation Therapy system.

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Accuray is a radiotherapy system company that manufactures, develops and sells personalized oncology systems (Karen et al 7). The aim of the company is to set high standard of care for cancer patients to help them live better and long lives. In January, 13 2013, the company reported to have a significant rise in the adoption of its TomoTherapy system and Cyber-Knife robotic radiosurgery system (Heron and Tishler 120).

I have a very important lab for statics class

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This may be associated with rearrangement of molecules with the structure of aluminum. As strain is increased atoms move to new positions to create new equilibrium in the material. This is because of their nature in mobility and dislocation. The graph is linear to a certain point but it deviates when the limit is reached.

Orgnizational behiviour and Human Resources

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The modern workplace, in the era of globalisation, now evokes significant interest, as it comprises of numerous multinational companies with employees from all parts of the world. This myriad collection of business firms and employees from all parts of the world, however, brings in multicultural issues, along with various challenges within the scope of workplace.

Information System

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The beginning of 20th century is marked by remarkable development in terms of various movements that came to forth for the purpose of social, industrial and economic development. Henry Ford and Frederick Taylor are two of the pioneers that stand a notable ground with regard to the developments (Entrekin & Scott-Ladd, 2013, 6).


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Based on physiographic, the land of Kerala can be classified into highland, midland and coastal region. This classification is based on the altitude from the mean sea level. The sandy region unto 8 miles from the sea level is known as coastal region. The portion of the land between 8 miles to 75 miles is known as midland.
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