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Young Generation And Dependence On Technology.

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Young generation and dependence on technology. In this 21st century, the advancement of technology is at a very high rate. Moreover, individuals all around the world strive to keep up with technology’s high rate of advancement. This is so since through technology different activities such as communication and technical processes can be done effectively and efficiently.

Conceptual Design

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Although designers may have difficulty generalizing their heuristics or styles, they usually have no trouble telling stories about previous design situations. If this kind of reasoning can be captured in a computable model of design, the resulting design system may be capable of learning from design experience and maintaining a reasonable competency in design without major reprogramming.

Office Building

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The narrow depth cellular office, with small offices served off a central corridor, emerged in Europe. In the USA the narrow slab tower towards deep planned space for clerical use with executives in enclosed perimeter offices evolved gradually. The Seagram Building in New York (see fig.

Waste Management in Construction Industry

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The paper show the conditions and premises due to which the construction materials go to waste and to introduce viable alternatives in order to provide pollution prevention and waste minimization. This paper evaluates the environmental implications and resource conservation of using innovative materials as a source of construction rather than using the more polluting materials currently in practice.

RC design

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Current design recommendations for RC beam-column joints in earthquake-resistant construction given by Joint carried out with reference to BSs 648, 5950, 6399 and 8110 focus on three main aspects are confinement requirements, evaluation of shear strength; and anchorage of beam and to design, in RC, a typical main beam (element 34), column (element 63) and base, and provide sketch RC details of all three elements ensuring that the beam and column sizes are the minimum possible, working in multiples of 5mm.

Building Information Modeling in Construction Industry

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In addition, the online portal requires some physical space to house its servers and networking elements as well. These days we are in the midst of a recession and financial crisis around the globe. Incidentally this crisis is here because of the housing related mortgage crisis as well.

Urban Studies - Planning and Design

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Urban Studies - Planning and Design The issue of urban planning as highlight by the contemporary Charter of Athens stands for comprehensive objectives with a keen interest in myriad fields including housing, transport, neighborhood as well as the workplace development and sub-categories.

Technological Change and Innovation

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Consider the simple example of fire: from its early application as a source of heat to fight the cold, it has gone on to be used as a means to cook food, widen the dietary options of humans, lengthen life spans and territorial habitation, conquer nations, generate electricity, and send missions to outer space.

Virtual Reality

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METHOD: Articles and studies containing the words "virtual reality" were searched and their references were additionally reviewed. RESULTS: Upon immersion, Virtual Reality has both the advantages concerning therapeutic approach and disadvantages concerning side-effects.

New Technology and Innovation

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s, including traditional surveying methods, aerial photography, remote sensing, and the global positioning system (GPS). These data collection techniques go on to support derivation of conclusions in the statistical analysis of measurements, data management techniques ,data quality, adjustment of survey networks, photogrammetry, boundary surveying, land development, and geographic information science (GIS).They also supplant various legal and professional issues involved in such land surveys.

Technological Innovation

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Since an organisation's innovation strategies are constrained by their current position, and by specific opportunities open to them in the future based on their competencies, construction organisations will need to determine their technological trajectories or paths.

Sustainability in the Construction Industry

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Thus to sustain the growth of building industry it has become inevitable to search for alternate solutions that causes less impact on the environment. One of the ways of attaining this objective is by using the recycled materials for construction activities.

The Development of RFID in Libraries

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This paper therefore aims to present information about the development of RFID in libraries and to evaluate its influence in the society.

Assessment of Small Wind Generation Technologies in Australia

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In recent years, green energy became imperative in sustainable strategies being adopted by many countries. One of the most viable and certainly most popular among the alternative energy sources is wind power. It comes from wind energy, generated by wind turbines and offer an excellent alternative.

An evaluation of online library catalogue: the SirsiDynix online catalogue used by Greater Dandenong Libraries.

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The Greater Dandenong Library employs the SirsiDynix technology for its cataloguing system. SirsiDynix is a United States company known as a provider of automation systems, electronic networking services and other related services that a library may require.

ICT development

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“ICT (information and communications technology - or technologies) is an umbrella term that includes any communication device or application, encompassing: radio, television, cellular phones, computer and network hardware and software, satellite systems and so on, as well as the various services and applications associated with them, such as videoconferencing and distance learning.”(Techtarget, 2011)

What can we learn from children's own experience of technology and media outside school?

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The basic issue is how the media and technology is applied by individuals. By using their understanding of effective teaching and applying advanced instruments, teachers can assist children in inventing, envisioning, and gaining new knowledge and learning levels

Cellular telephones essential tool or infernal devices?

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Today, mobile phones are not just for communicating with in each other, but increasingly serve the role of a window to the world around us. Checking emails, surfing for information in the web, conducting business, entertainment, making reservations and bookings, and getting in touch with friends on social sites are some of the daily usages of our mobile phones.

Aircraft landing gear system

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The National advisory Committee for Aeronautics (NACA) by testing in a wind tunnel in 1927 came to the conclusion that the aircraft landing gear made a significant contribution to the drag of an airplane. The retractable landing gears thus became a priority.

Software Engineering and HCI

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Analysing requirements at the business, corporate, technical and other functional spheres in a systematic way is the essence of requirements engineering. In more general language, it can be referred to as requirements specification, requirements capture or requirements gathering.

Aviation Maintenance

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The concept of maintenance was based on the belief that failures were caused mostly by wear and tear, and the common maintenance strategy was Corrective Maintenance. With the increasing complexity and criticality of components, the preventive maintenance program for failure management was emphasized.

Netflix versus Blockbuster

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In 1999 Netflix came up with a program wherein customers could rent DVDs by mail for a flat monthly fee. The customers can choose movies via the website, choose one to eight discs at a time, and through a prepaid envelope, return such DVDs after they finished their viewing.

Genetically Engineered Food

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For example: In a fish to a tomato, an animal or a plant, alternative combinations that are imaginable and that demonstrate a particular purpose. Genetically modified food is a reality that has been introduced into our lives without realizing.

The role of technology

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With advancement of technology, human life is made more worth living. Every corner of this universe technology is being embraced. Technology affects people’s lives in everything they do; it makes travelling easier, saves time and enhances learning.
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