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Information Technology and Management

The article is moving towards the changes that are happening in the wireless LAN. This will bring the comfort of operating from anywhere a reality. More and more mobile units like laptops and PDAs make it mandatory for network providers to take care of the wireless connectivity. Therefore, the article indicates that the future banks on WLAN in one form or the other and it is also wise to move in that direction.
The author presents ten legal and practical issues in selecting open source software. The open source software dominates the happenings on the web as of the day. The selector should be weary of: 1. The different approaches in licensing 2. Understand General Purpose License 3. Source code is important 4. It should be compared with commercial software 5. Choosing the right software is more important rather than negotiating 6. Open source is different from Public domain. 7. It should be different from what is in the inventory already. 8. This needs training 9. There should be clear rules and policies in the company governing use of Open Source software. 10. This has to be implemented by the team.
The article talks of the number of hidden policies and small letters behind the open source system. ...
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Wireless Lan (WLAN) is the way most of the corporate houses in the country are going. WLAN come in multiple technology platforms like WiFi and others. And a multiple set of devices are also being used with these wireless systems like PDAs, laptops, etc., All these need to be integrated so that any change or growth in the company is seamlessly integrated with the existing networks…
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