Technological development

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Outline some of the technological developments responsible for what some call the information society. Explain what is meant by the phrase, and discuss the arguments about whether such a society can be said to exist."
With the advent of computers, the Internet, wireless communication devices and other innovations, technological advances have not only changed the way the world lives and works but also the way the world learns.


In classrooms in many parts of the world, today's first-graders do their addition problems behind a computer screen and middle-school students conduct research via the Internet, rather than at the local libraries. Such innovations expose children to computers and give them a basic understanding of their use, but few teachers use technology to its full potential, leaving the students and society at a disadvantage.
But some fear that the exciting innovations of this century lead to what is referred to as the digital divide. Whilst not all agree on the precise definition of "digital divide" the United Nations, in a 2004 report on the subject, defines the term as the gap "between the information-rich and the information-poor."
The International Telecommunication Union, an organization whose mission it is to close the digital divide, says that the wide array of technologies, services and applications "has led to a digital age of information communications technology in which access has become a key component of peoples' lives."
Although technological advances tend to improve the lives of those who use them, the rapid growth rate of thos ...
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