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Engeneering Surveying

ition. Uren. J. & W.F.P. (1999)
Three-dimensional data is normally surveyed on an object as this flat within a predetermined range; however the past has gripped this model of surveying on an object such as building within a predetermined range, there have been disadvantages in the past in that much time was required and there was limitation in acquired amount of the surveying data because an operator must determine a measuring point and surveying operation must be carried out one point after another.
By the use of automatic instruments, surveying operation is automated, raster scanning is performed by de ...
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In determining the coordinates of a building, survey gadgets are used that comprises optical systems for collimating a measuring point, a driving unit for performing scanning in a measurement range the optical system, a distance-measuring unit comprising a light wave distance measuring system, an image pickup unit for taking an image in the measurement range, an image processing unit for performing image processing to extract edges from the image picked up, and a control arithmetic operation unit for selecting a point near the edge as a measuring point on the image picked up and for controlling the distance-measuring unit to carry out surveying operation of the measuring point…
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