The Automobile and Youth Appeal

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With an estimated 28 million youth between the ages of 16 and 24, it is no wonder that automobile makers and advertisers are eager to create a formula for youth appeal. Trying to define an automobile's youth appeal is as daunting as attempting to describe youth itself.


A car that is individual, stylish, and possesses some sports appeal is a goal for most younger drivers. Honda, with the introduction of the redesigned Civic has recognized this. According to John O'Dell of the Detroit News, the new offering will offer "more powerful engines, sleek new designs, upgraded interiors, better fuel economy, and more standard safety features ". The Toyota Scion also falls into the category of embracing personal identification.
Also topping the wish list for younger buyers are features. Sound systems, gadgets, and state of the art digital appointments are mandatory. Yoshiyuki Kashiwagi from Japan's Tokyo Zokei University, a winner in this years World Automotive Design Competition, described his award winning design in Car Design News as "clearly and effectively expresses the idea of a compact, multi-purpose vehicle with a high-level of digital technology." Marketing to an age group that grew up with the PS2 and the XBox requires that the car be sophisticated and functional. The youth market wants to be engaged with their surroundings and that is especially true in their cars.
Youth wants a compact with luxury feel; the plush interior of a Lincoln in the affordable package of a KIA. They want numerous electronic options to be standard features. The Scion, aimed at the youth market, has made definite inroads in this direction. ...
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