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A Theory of Network Localization - Summary

Furthermore, since GPS requires line-of-sight between the receiver and satellites, it may not work well in buildings or in the presence of obstructions such as dense vegetation, buildings, or mountains blocking the direct view to the GPS satellites.
Recently, novel schemes have been proposed to determine the locations of the nodes in a network where only some special nodes (called beacons) know their locations. In these schemes, network nodes measure the distances to their neighbors and then try to determine their locations. The process of computing the locations of the nodes is called network localization. Although the designs of the previous schemes have demonstrated great engineering ingenuity and their effectiveness in certain settings verified through extensive simulations, some fundamental questions have not been addressed. As a result, the previous schemes are mainly heuristic-based and a full theoretical foundation of network localization is still lacking.
The problem of network localization in which some nodes know their locations and other nodes determine their locations by measuring the distances to their neighbors was investigated. Here is the process.
The study was undertaken to find out what were the precise conditions required for unique network localizability. To find this out a network localization problem was formulated. ...
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Position servicing is an essential step for many computer and networking agencies. The concept of sensor networks is generally thought of as futuristic sources of finding the locations. The sensor nodes need to know their locations in order to detect and record events and to route packets using geometric routing…
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