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How gas turbine engine works

All modern gas engines are produced in the way that they produce pressurized gases themselves, burning something like propane, natural gas, and kerosene or jet fuel. The energy from burning the fuel pushes and heats air, and the high-speed flow of this hot air spins the turbine.
The process of air compression guaranteed by the compressor is very important as this helps to achieve higher burning temperature on the next stage of the process. After compression the high-pressure air flows to the combustion area, where a system of fuel injectors provides a steady stream of fuel for burning. As usual the fuel for a gas turbine engine is kerosene, jet fuel, propane or natural gas. All of us experienced in life blowing candles out, celebrating birthday or whatever, and then you can understand the problem for developers of engines in the combustion area - after compressor highly-pressured air inflates combustion area at speed of hundreds of miles per hour. And it's not easy to keep fire burning in such "non-friendly" situation. Though the solution was found using the part called "flame holder," or as it is called among professionals "can." The can is a hollow, perforated piece of heavy metal. This can protects process of burning in the combustion area. Fuel injectors are placed near the enter of hot air to the can. Under enormous pressure hot air enters can through perforations. ...
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The concept of turbine has been used long ago before emergence of a gas turbine engine. The first energy sources of human kind were water dams and windmills, which produced kinetic and then electric energy. The next step was steam turbine engines, which use energy of steam created by burning of natural gas, oil or coal.
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