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Vessel Traffic Services

VTS introduction despite of making shipping safer has also reduced catastrophic threats like oil spills in heaving and narrow waterways, colliding disasters and damages. VTS implementations outcome vary from country to country, as the zonal rules and regulations also vary. AIS implementation along with overcoming the limitations of VTS provides with the latest statistical information between the cargos or ships and coastal stations.
developing and this symposium is a part of that process. It will contribute to our knowledge, stimulate ideas and help us to decide how best to utilize the technology that has been and is being developed."
Vessel traffic services (VTS) are shore-side systems, designed to prevent different types of collisions in the harbors, which range from the provision of simple information messages to ships, such as position of other traffic or meteorological hazard warnings, to extensive collisions and management of traffic within a port or waterway. VTS acts as a tool, which plays a vital role in:
The purpose of a VTS is to provide active monitoring and navigational advice for vessels in particularly confined and busy waterways. ...
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Recent technological studies have shown that Vessel Traffic Services (VTS) alone are not sufficient for the safety of maritime ships, as there are certain limitations like security issues to be resolved, Automatic Identification Systems (AIS) has been introduced on board ships which when implemented not only provides with the current location of all nearby ships to the ships on which they are implemented but they also provides with the latest information on freight and cargo issues…
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