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MP3 format can store audio files (sound recordings) on computers and related devices. As audio files are usually quite large, mp3 uses "lossy" compression, which digitally removes parts of the file that are not needed to accurately hear the file. MP3 files approach CDs for sound quality and most people cannot tell the difference. Once a user has downloaded music from CDs and web sites, they can transfer the music files to their mp3 player (Levenstein).
Mostly teenagers embrace MP3 technology today, although people in their 20's and 30's also find the technology attractive. MP3 technology offers something that previous technologies such as the Sony Walkman cannot offer; which is that enable users to download music files directly from websites such as Nap star. No need to go to the nearest music store to buy CDs or tapes. Moreover, MP3 technology allows users to manage his music files according to his taste and concept such as compiling music according to style such as rock, country, gospel, jazz, etc. Moreover, MP3 technology with the aid of a MP3 player allows the user to play music wherever and whenever he wants. MP3 players are replacing walkman and portable CD players rapidly due to its storage capacity and digital sound quality. ...
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The emergence of MP3 technology has turned the music industry upside down. The MP3 format allowed high quality music to be transferred over the internet and straight in to people's home computers. With the dawn of file-sharing services like the now obsolete Napster, millions of people were downloading music, in many cases without paying for the tracks (MP3 creator speaks out)…
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