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The Impact of New Technologies on Internal Communication (Possible topics)

Technology and internal communication – the role of MIS in the process of internal communication: ongoing technology changes and advancements have significant impact on almost domains of the business. Same is true for the internal communication. One important advancement in this regard is of Management Information System (MIS), which only provides the management with better decision making abilities but also facilitates in the process of sharing and transferring information within the organisation. The objective behind this dissertation will be to identify and evaluate the role of MIS in internal communication. Impact of intranet on internal communication and knowledge sharing: Intranet is essential in order to facilitate the process of smooth information sharing and internal communication within any organisation. In this dissertation the focus will be on designing the intranet in such a manner that overall process of internal communication and knowledge sharing is improved and enhanced.

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Using different media for the internal communication: the objective of the dissertation will be to evaluate different media or medium used for effective internal communication. …
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