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Firstly, when one is presented with a choice of whether to travel by train or by car, the first choice that is normally considered is concentric upon the price of the ticket as opposed to the price of gas that one would spend to fuel the vehicle (Ingels 42). In almost every case, the price of the train ticket is invariably lower than that of the overall price of fuel that the car would require. There are of course many reasons for this. First, the train does not require as much fuel per person transported as the car due to the fact that it is a much more efficient means of transportation. The second resounding benefit of rail travel is the fact that unlike car travel, the individual is given a large amount of leg-room and personal space with which to enjoy on the train. As opposed to the cramped seats that are often exhibited within a vehicle, train seats are on average much more spacious and comfortable. Additionally, the individual who travels on the train has the ability to move around the cabin without disturbing other travelers. Likewise, in the train, one can make a choice as to whether they would like to enjoy their food at their seats or venture to the dining cars; such options are readily available to the train traveler and non-existent choices to the vehicle traveler. ...
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Benefits of Train Travel versus Car Travel: A Comparison and Contrast Although there are many points to be considered in traveling (to include price, distance, time allotted to the process etc), this brief comparison and contrast piece will seek to analyze the benefits of travel by train as opposed to that of travel by car based upon key factors of overall enjoyment, comfort, and experience…
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