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Name: Instructor’s Name: Course: Date: Spain Introduction Spain, officially known as the Kingdom of Spain is to be found in southwestern Europe in the Iberian Peninsula and forms part of the European Union. Spain borders France, Atlantic Ocean, Mediterranean, Andorra and Portugal.


Spain is a scenic country with combination of lush green mountains, volcanoes, plateaus, Islands and rivers. The Canary Islands in the Atlantic Ocean and the Balearic Islands in the Mediterranean are part of the beautiful country that is Spain. Along with its beautiful geography, Spain is also famous for its archeological sites which include Muslim palaces, baroque cathedrals, Roman relics and Modern constructions. The exports of Spain range from organic food to industrial equipment. Spain is known for its olive exports and organic food exports which include avocadoes, tomatoes, saffron and potatoes. Wine especially red wine, champagne and sherry are also one of the exports of Spain. With the increase in global outsourcing, Spain has become the third biggest exporter of car and car parts. Customs and Traditions in Spain Spain is known for its customs and traditions since it is one of the oldest countries and has been a haven for people belonging to diverse races and religion. Spain is also known for its infamous bull fighting. Bull fighting is one of the most dangerous and yet trilling sport. It may have lost most of it vigor but is still a tourist attraction in Spain and represents Spain around the world. Las Ventas, the biggest bullring in the world is located in Spain. ...
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