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Do male Bulgarian citizens travel further and more frequently abroad then female citizens?” Introduction Tourism is an important economic activity in the contemporary society with various social, cultural, and environmental impacts on the visited regions.


Bulgaria is one of the countries in Southeast Europe. In 2010, Bulgaria was ranked position 27 in Europe and position 48 in the world in terms of Tourism Competitiveness Index (TCI) (Croitoru 167). The country recognizes its beaches, countryside, nature parks, mountain resorts, and wines as some of the tourist attractions (Ivanov, 184). It also has cheap transport systems that are favorable for tourism (Watkins and Deliso, 16). Bulgaria is rapidly opening into the international scene since the fall of communist era in 1989 and with the emergence of socialist rule that promote a socially active tourism in the country (Scarboro, Univ. Illinois, 179). The Bulgarians have increasingly shown interest in the other attractive features that are not within their borders was well as experience for other cultures. International departures from Bulgaria have shown an increasing trend (rising by 16.8% in 2002) and about 25% could be attributed to tourism by 2002 (Bulgaria: Market Profile, 62). Tourism to a given region can be determined by the endowment of the region and the financial abilities of the different individuals as well as their tastes and preferences. Thus, the males may have the ability to make frequent visits to several destinations across the globe as compared to the females. ...
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