Choose a type of tourism from the following: Film-induced Tourism Literary Tourism Multicultural Tourism Experiential tourism

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Running Head: Tourism Tourism [Writer’s Name] [Institute’s Name] Tourism While the world is now considered to be a global village and people can view and experience different cultures, various countries, learn different languages, and many other things through the click of a mouse; people are still highly inclined towards experiencing and seeing various things in person.


Such attraction may be because of the film industry, because of certain themes shown in films which may arouse interest in that particular area, because of certain exciting attractions such as Mount Everest or the Taj Mahal, or because of scholarly reasons as the place may be depicted in a literary text (Squire, pg. 105-108, 1992). Many countries have thousands of tourists visiting them every year for various reasons such as India which has thousands of tourists because of the Taj Mahal, the exquisite cuisine offered, the diverse and rich culture, and the biggest film industry in the world. In the same manner, Paris gets many tourists because of the essence of the city, the wining and dining options, and many museums and rich architecture for scholars (Smith, pg. 123, 2006). Moreover, the Eiffel Tower is also amongst the Seven Wonders of the World the same way that the Taj Mahal is. Many other countries in Europe also benefit from the same characteristics and are amongst the most popular tourist attractions (Ahmed, pg. 90-91, 1992). There are several different categories of tourism that will be explored in turn further in the paper. ...
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