European Travel Geography: New Forest

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Running Head: European Travel Geography European Travel Geography: New Forest Student Name University Name Subject Name Instructor Name Date of Submission European Travel Geography: New Forest Introduction This article, we would conduct a concise evaluation and descriptive study of a rural destination in the sphere of European travel geography.


Natural environment of the district is the main area of focus along with discussions on landscape, flora and fauna, scenery, attractions, etc. The place has a tourism based rural economy with a lack of heavy industries leading to the preservation of natural wealth and traditional economic activities like animal husbandry, gardening, farming, etc. The district is an interesting place in the map of Western Europe and the British Isles. Why should you go to a Rural Destination? Geographical tourism is considered both as social and cultural activities, particularly in the context of rural destinations. It establishes a dynamic relationship between geography and sociology highlighting the geographical aspects of leisure economies. (Burton, 1998) Further, rural destinations are becoming more important in travel geography since tourists are becoming increasingly frustrated with pollution and industrial life. Tourism is increasingly rapidly, and hence, “While basic tourism principles remain, applications must constantly be re-evaluated in light of new developments.” (Goeldner and Brent-Ritchie, 2009, p. i) So, to attract high income groups from industrial regions, rural destinations are adapting per the modern way of life. ...
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