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Service Experience Report Student’s name Institution Date Introduction In contrast to manufacturing and processing industries where the output is usually a tangible and physically product, services industries engage in economic activities that offer convenience, comfort, health or timeliness to the consumer.


Services have several distinguishing factors all that have implications during marketing. One of these factors is that services are intangible that means that services cannot be stocked. Consequently, variation in demand is difficult to manage. In addition, the actual cost of the service is difficult to determine making pricing difficult. The other characteristic of services is that they are inseparable as they are produced and offered simultaneously (Hultman and Ek, 2011). This means that the consumer is present during the production of the service and the level of satisfaction attained is influenced by other consumers. Services are usually heterogeneous given that these activities are undertaken by humans and hence it is not possible to produce identical services. Lastly, services are perishable as they can never be stored, resold, or returned. For instance, a hotel company that offers bad services to its customers may not returned (Hultman and Ek, 2011). Because of the characteristics described above, companies offering services faces several challenges in marketing to ensure effectiveness. This report describes the application marketing theories and concepts in the case of Palazzo Versace Hotel that had been visited to have a feel of their customer and identify critical points. ...
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