Water Safety and Quality.

Water Safety and Quality. Research Paper example
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Water Safety and Quality.
Access to safe and quality water as a basic human right has proven to be challenging worldwide, let alone in the developing countries, but also in the developed nations.


Water safety and quality is a health concern and serves to enable people access pure, clean, and uncontaminated water for their healthy drinking. However, to facilitate effective quality drinking water, it requires intense coordination from public water treatment systems, in-plant water consumption together its distribution process and the general attention to external weather related issues in the environment (Doyle 5). Water is freely provided by nature, but it does not mean that all water available is safe for consumption. Even the fresh water sources from the ground, which most people in the rural areas rely on, could be unsatisfactory for health standards. What hinders water safety and quality: Pollution is the major case that governments and organizations have to take precaution on. Water pollution is caused by the daily activities in a wider range; from domestic functions, industries and plants use and discharge to the general public care of its environment. According to the United Nations (1), the growth in population and changing climatic conditions continue to be affected by the decline in water quality. Nations’ economies and the global life of the living organisms are at stake in the absence of quality safe water. Pollution from human settlement: Areas where the population density is high will always have a problem in sanitation and disposal of waste products if not well controlled. ...
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