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The song Dressin Up by Katy Perry

The feminist theory does not support sexual submission for women, arguing that sexual submissiveness refers to a subordinate position for women which can also set back the advantages which have been secured by women throughout the years (McRobbie, 2004).  Such advantages include the fact that women are no longer sexual objects, they are individuals who are beyond such elements of sexual depravity and debasement.  The feminist theory also glories in women fulfilling goals, regardless of traditional gender dictates (McRobbie, 2004).  Bringing in sexuality to the discussion of feminine rights and qualities is a step back from the fulfilment of these goals, especially since sexuality objectifies women as nothing more than sexual objects.  It is important however to note that in equalizing the sexuality of men and women, the lyrics of Katy Perry suggest the presence of a female sexual aggressor, one which is far removed from the sexually submissive individual (Hopkins, 1994).  As opposed to the tradition of women being the sexually submissive parties, Katy Perry’s lyrics suggest a sexually active and sexually aggressive female partner, one who initiates the sexual experience with the male party.  In general however, the tone of the song is opposed to the ideals of feminism and gender equality.  The lyrics, ‘I’m dressin’ up for you’ evoke an act which to most feminists is contrary to what they seek for women – gender equality. The song also evokes some sexual bondage and masochism with the words ‘dominatrix’ and ‘tied.’ ...
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In the paper “The song Dressin Up by Katy Perry” the author critically analyzes the song based on elements of feminism, sexuality, and gender difference.  Points of discussion would include elements referring to how the song can be viewed based on feminist elements as well as gender equality. 

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