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Postmodern Art - Essay Example

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Visual Arts & Film Studies
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The aim of this essay is to investigate postmodern art. More than forty years ago, the rules that once governed artists and their art were changed. No longer was modern art to be considered brave or en vogue, because it was all but replaced by a new ideal…

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Postmodern Art

The focus in this essay "Postmodern Art" is on postmodern art. The art world often pretentiously demands a certain level of sophistication from its viewers, as a means of separating the two worlds, but many of the best artists postmodernism has to offer, accept the viewer's own existence, experiences, and emotional base as a point of departure from which to present their message. This works as an explanation for the overwhelming popularity of American artist Jeff Koons, who is arguably the poster boy for postmodern thought and practice. While modern art seems to remain aloof and separated from its audience, postmodernism seeks too coexist on the same level as its viewers, using images from popular culture with which its audience is already familiar, and inverting, twisting, and ultimately destroying those images to create an entirely new thought, and an entirely new work of art. This paper will discuss the era of postmodern art from its conception with Andy Warhol in the 1960’s, to Koons himself and the way that the genre exists today. It is difficult to discuss Jeff Koons and postmodern art without first discussing it’s conception and Andy Warhol. Koons is often compared to Warhol, because he has achieved much of what the revolutionary Warhol had, including a sort of notorious controversial presence. In understanding Warhols motivation, we will certainly come to a better understanding of the motivating factors behind Koons’ work. The parameters with which we define art are under constant organic change. ...
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