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Waterbabies by Adam LeFevre.

Liz is portrayed as an anxious character and this is evidenced by the fact that she has visited Emma to enquire if her eleven month year old son is ready to be trained to swim.Emma on the other hand is portrayed as a very forgetful person and she is also portrayed as a carefree person. This can be evidenced when she tells Liz that she does not quite remember the name of the boy she is holding on her lap and also tells Liz that she does not have any space for Liz's son and she had to wait until one of the children either drops out or drowns.This is an indication that Liz is caring enough to note that her commotion when she was entering would have disturbed the sleeping child on Emma's lap. In her attempt not to disturb the peace that she found in the room, she tries to keep the levels of the noise law.This statement is used by the playwright to show Liz anxious attitude towards the safety of her son. This statement is portraying the fact that Liz would only trust her son's safety with someone who had a lot of experience in dealing with children especially in such dangerous grounds as swimming is concerned.This statement by Emma is a response to Liz question of whether the child on her lap is asleep. This statement is used by the playwright to show how Emma has a carefree attitude towards other issues which are brought about in the play especially where she tells Liz that Duncan would only find a place if one of the children drops out or drowns.The above examples show how Liz is portrayed as a caring parent and also an anxious parent about the welfare of her son. ...
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Liz is portrayed as an anxious character and this is evidenced by the fact that she has visited Emma to enquire if her eleven month year old son is ready to be trained to swim.Emma on the other hand is portrayed as a very forgetful person and she is also portrayed as a carefree person…
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