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Head-O produced by Fatih Akin

The main theme brought forward by Head-On is the conflict of cultures between individuals of Turkish origin and their daily lives in Germany. Both characters are of Turkish origin but they live in Germany; Hamburg where the setting of the movie was made. Sibel’s family represents the conventional conservative Turkish culture. Sibel, having grown up within a liberal German culture yearns to break away from the yoke of her family restrictions. She is more open-minded and libel about her sexuality and that is why she can afford to engage in one-night stands. Cahit on the other hand is torn between both cultures. He has an element of both German and Turkish cultures and he is not yet decided completely which way to go. This is the reason why he was reluctant to engage in a marriage of convenience in the first place and even after the marriage, he was in a relationship with a single partner, though on-again and off-again. This could also be the reason why he was enraged with Sibel’s previous partner and the eventual killing.The cities have also been carefully selected to effectively carry message home. Hamburg, the place where the movie is set, represents a multi-cultured population where people from various citizenry and cultures converge. The increased Turkish population could be traced to the 17th and 18th century the period during which there was an attempt to expand the Ottoman Empire to the North Balkan territories leaving a trail of Muslim Turks from the army. ...
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An author of the following writing aims to discuss the synopsis, theme (main idea), the Cinematic Aspects, and the Message Put Across the movie titled "Head-On" produced by Fatih Akin, a Turkish German director. Finally, the writer represents his review of the movie.

Author : wolfcoralie

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