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Essay example - Boutique Designers

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The introduction of modern materials "chrome, PVC, plastic, and exploring the use of existing furniture materials, laminating timber and steam bending timber lead to a very broad range of exciting new styles of chairs, tables and sofas never seen or thought of" (Dezine Holdings Ltd)…

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"Charles Eames was the first architect to be totally at home with technology. He used technology with an artist's flair", particularly, he with wife Ray Eames 'developed a new method to bend plywood into complex curves over three geometric lanes" (Dezine Holdings Ltd).
From 1900-1909, the name Charless Rennie Mackintosh, Josef Hoffman and Frank Lloyd Wright have surfaced with the introduction of Ingram Chair, Hill House Chair and Willow Chair (Dezine Holdings Ltd). In the middle of the century, notable designers like "Eameses, Gio Ponti, Harry Bertoia, Arne Jaconsen and Eero Saarinen led the way in the modernist organic style" as the public went for "warmer and softer furnitures, organic forms, warmer products like timber and upholstered chairs" (Dezine Holdings Ltd).
In the 70's to 80's, industrialization has brought forth changes in designers' thoughts. Particularly, "the industrial style or Hi Tech movement developed" and there were great advances in "office furniture and equipment" (Dezine Holdings Ltd). At the closing of the century, the designers pursued "meaning and purpose for their furniture designs" with the exploration of some strange and unusual forms such as the W.W Stool by Phillip Starck (Dezine Holdings Ltd).
Karim Rashid is one of the sought-after and bankable interior designers of the modern generation. ...
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