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Biodiversity at Shedd Aquarium - Research Paper Example

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Biodiversity at Shedd Aquarium

The Shedd Aquarium is one of the places where biodiversity preservation is taking place with multiple marine and freshwater species co-existing together, as witnessed during a visit to the place. This paper will discuss the benefits of conserving biodiversity and describe one of the species conserved at the Shedd Aquarium. Definition of Biodiversity As mentioned in the introductory section, the term biodiversity refers to the complex co-existence of different species in different ecosystems. Its usage in describing different habitats describes the number, variation, and variability (Dahiya 45). Genetic diversity is one of the critical aspect under the umbrella of the term biodiversity. Many biologists use the phrase genetic diversity to refer to the genetic variations between organisms. Through genetic research, scientists have described numerous genetic differences even between organisms within the same species. The second aspect entailed in this description is species diversity, a term that denotes the presence of over a million species described so far. The third aspect encompassed in the term biodiversity is ecosystem diversity. This aspect attempts to describe the differences that exist between different habitats and communities. ...
The conservation efforts of the Shedd Aquarium have served to protect the lake water and the surrounding basins, efforts that have also preserved the animals living in these habitats. It is worth mentioning that preserving the great lakes is an effort of preserving the extra great lake lost annually. Evidently, the conservation of the biodiversity in the great lakes has ensured fish preservation, ensuring a level of food security. Pollution had been killing the bacteria that contribute critically to the food chains that ensure that fish have a source of food. Crustaceans and larvae that serve as bottom feeders in the lakes often absorb chemicals directed into the river. When fish eat these bottom feeders, they take in the chemicals as well. Eventually, humans absorb these chemicals from the fish. Evidently, the cycle that takes place in great lakes shows the close relationship between organisms at different levels. Conservation of the diversity ensures that both higher species and lower do not face detrimental effects that could lead to their reduction. Human beings benefit immensely from the great lake conservation efforts because of the access to clean drinking water, fish serving as healthy protein supply, and a green environment on the basins. The wetland areas surrounding the lakes serve to prevent floods because of the vegetation. Moreover, the conservation effort of the great lake biodiversity has ensured that there is minimal invasion of foreign species into water that threaten the survival of the native species. According to the staff at the Aquarium, the great lakes are among the highly disturbed habitats in the globe, justifying why they have focused on the conservation of ...Show more


Name Institution Course Instructor Date Biodiversity at Shedd Aquarium Biodiversity is a term that many scientists have perceived quite complex to explain in simple terms. However, there are certain aspects that many biologists have put forth to elaborate the meaning of the term biodiversity…
Author : frederik91
Biodiversity at Shedd Aquarium essay example
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