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The Red Blood cells

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Section A Calculation for RBC Length of one smallest square = 1/20 mm Width of one smallest square = 1/20 mm Depth of one smallest square = 1/10 mm Volume of one smallest square = 1/20 x 1/20 x 1/10 = 1/4000 mm3 Total number of RBCs counted = 1036 (5 squares, 4 corners + 1 center) No.

Gene Therapy

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The genes thus introduced exert their benefits by either compensating for the abnormal genes or by producing beneficial protein or by supplementing the abnormal gene (Hecht, n. p.). The first gene therapy clinical trial started in 1990 (Verma and Weitzman, n.

A comparative study on the effect of different chemicals on Daphnia heart beat

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A comparative study on the effect of different chemicals on Daphnia heart beats Daphnia magna (water flea) is a small freshwater crustacean existing in different environments such as in lakes, rivers, and streams. Daphnia is frequently used in a bioassay to investigate the effect of a chemical on the living organism.


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The teosinte are also either rhizome-forming perennials or “annuals that reproduce every year from seed” (495). Corn or maize, however, has a rigid rachis called the cob and is made up of kernels (494). Although some scientists believe that teosinte is the ancestor of corn, many people do not because of the differences of the appearance of teosinte when compared with corn.

'How proteins in the diet are disassembled and then reassembled to form useful proteins in the body'

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Proteins usually perform multiple roles in the body, and exhibit a great level of diversity. Dietary proteins usually undergo dissembling into amino acids, which are the building blocks. The body only has the potential to absorb amino acids, explaining why the body embarks on the digestive process.

Human and Animal Interrelationships

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The nature and scope of the relationship have, however, been differing depending on the type of animal and the benefits an animal has to humans. This relationship has been conceptualized in terms of bringing animals into the human realm. Conventionally, the relationships between humans and animals that have been regarded as domestic are very variable in respect to control of specific animals such as honey-bees, elephants, cats, horses, and cattle among others (Marchello 11).

Food Contamination

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Food Contamination Food contamination is extremely dangerous and people need to watch carefully what they're eating. Recently, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) discovered fungicide in orange juice and in 2011 discovered another string of E coli outbreaks in Michigan.

Pesticide Use to Control Insect Infestation on a Grass Lawn and in a Farmer’s Field

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Name Instructor’s Name Course Date A Research Essay that Explores Pesticide Use to Control Insect Infestation on a Grass Lawn and in a Farmer’s Field The most obvious benefit of pesticides depends on how and where it is being used, for instance, for economic purposes.


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Identification of bacteria as a causative agents of diseases, epidemics, contaminated food and other sources of infection and illness is a process that has growing significance in the modern world. Bacteria are a causative agents for many diseases in humans and domestic animals that and can be a cause of significant health impact on the human population.


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Gametogenesis is the formation of male and female gametes or sex cells. Spermatogenesis and oogenesis are the formation of male and female gametes, respectively, by the process of mitosis and meiosis. Gametes unite in the process of fertilization. The most important consequence of meiosis is that it produces an enormous amount of genetic variation through the production of different combinations of chromosomes.

The Effect of Light Intensity on the Abundance of White Clover

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The Effect of Light Intensity on the Abundance of White Clover (Trifolium repens) Abstract This investigation looks at the effect of light intensity on the abundance of white clover (Trifolium repens)., using variations in cover provided by the canopy and exterior to the canopy to determine this.

Thesis proposal about antibiotic resistance pathogens in fomities

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In modern time the extensive use of antibiotics in treatment of bacterial infections has led to some organisms developing resistance to some antibiotic. Antibiotic resistance can be defined as a form of drug resistance in which the targeted microorganisms can resist exposure to the same drug (Hawkey, 3) Spontaneous genetic mutation in bacteria may confer resistance to microbial drug.

The Earthquake in Haiti in 2010

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A disaster is one of the most unwanted occurrences in life for an individual for it may often result to great loss not only to properties a person possess but also it can take the life of anyone in a blink of an eye. It could either be natural or man-made, which can be equally damaging to life and property.

Treatment of Multiple Sclerosis

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There is growing acceptance to multiple sclerosis not being a unified disease entity, but instead a complex mix of several clinical syndromes that have varied underlying neuropathology and dissimilar therapeutic response to the currently available therapeutics.

Grass Growth in the Presence of Salt

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Grass Growth in the Presence of Salt Introduction: This investigation is facilitated by the observation of the lack of grass growth approximately three inches from the driveway where salt is customarily spread during the winter months. In addition to the bald patches near the driveway, slow growth is noticed in the patches of lawn up to a foot away from the driveway.

Streptococcus pneumoniae

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Streptococcus pneumoniae Streptococcus pneumoniae is among the group of pathogenic micro-organisms that cause life threatening diseases in human beings. The organism belongs to Kingdom of Bacteria (Procaryotae), phylum Firmicutes, and class bacilli. Streptococcus pneumoniae is classified under the Order of Lactobacillales, family Streptoccaceae and Genus Streptococcus.

Impact of Menopause on Women Sexual Function

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The menopausal stage continues until the death of the woman or rather the woman does not go back to the earlier stage thus it is permanent. The idea of stopping the menstruation means the woman’s body is undergoing hormonal changes that affect her sexuality.

The use of antibiotics and the concerns of creating strains of microbial resistant organisms.

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Nevertheless, microbes which are resistant to the therapy of antibiotic drug and yet cause the disease expose the people to a lot of health problems. Diseases which can not often be treated by the antibiotics include but are not limited to gonorrhea, pneumonia, wound infections, septicemia and tuberculosis.

“Opportunistic” Microbial Infections

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Opportunistic germs are bacteria and fungi that are found in the mucosae and the skin of external media. They then become virulent when the general immune resistance of the organism drops. This occurs under the influence of factors that favor the change. An example of this is some drugs, and the infections that arise from opportunistic germs have of late become more frequent.

Theories of Evolution

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Eventually, these small adaptation accumulate and a new species is formed (Futuyma, 2005). Punctuated equilibrium on the other hand is a scientific theory that hypothesises that evolution occurs over time and is characterised by long durations of virtual standstill (stasis) punctuated by periods in which rapid development occur toward the formation of new forms.


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Additionally, struggle for existence occurs and leads to saving of character that seems profitable to the individual. Finally, the preserved character is favored to pass to the next generation. In addition, Darwin insight on the struggle of existence was also essential in the process of evolution.

The Hygiene Hypothesis

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Name: XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX Course: XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX Institution: XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX Tutor: XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX @2010 The concept of “The hygiene hypothesis” was first mentioned by David Strachan and it states that inadequate exposure of young children to pathogenic microorganisms (e.g.

Antibiotics Assess the Long-Term Effects of the Over-Use of Antibiotics on Pathogen Resistance

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The 20th century can be described as a period of greatest discoveries. One of those discoveries has been on antibiotics. These drugs have been used to control disease-causing organism. The antibiotics are typically used to contain bacteria infection in human beings and other domestic animals (Engelkirk et al., 2011).

Identification of GMO foods using PCR Lab Report

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The genetically modified reference standards were used as controls and the samples were analyzed using agarose gel electrophoresis. GMOs was not identified in all of our soy beans samples with PCR method, we rejected our null hypothesis that stated GMOs was present in our soy beans samples.

Multiple Sclerosis

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With regards to the symptoms that oftentimes accompany MS and should serve as a warning to the individual that they have the disease, the reader and/or patient should understand that the symptoms can exhibit themselves in a multitude of different ways
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