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Essay example - evolutionary development

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Although they possess adaptive features that appear to have been specially designed, tremendous diversity exists in the living world. However, the idea of evolution of descent with modification had existed for more than 100…

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The view is given a new paradigm by Neil Shubin, (2008), a principal paleontologist who discerned the "missing link". He tried to trace the evolution through organs of human body. In his book Your Inner Fish, Shubin has enlightened people by establishing correlation between fossils and DNA. There exists similarity between human hands and fins of fish. Through his outstanding inscription, Shubin has elucidated the process of evolution in an easy manner which an ordinary person can understand. Your Inner Fish is one of the most invigorating, intellectually articulated thoughts, and convincing systematic scientific explorations; it is a chronicle of true voyage, potentially changes the outlook about the human body.
Your Inner Fish establishes the similarity between the humans and fish and elucidate that any human body is a live example of the whole narration of evolution. Human body possess genome links that is already an established fact but humans also depict the whole gamut of evolution which finds molecular basis too with the similarity in terms of DNAs and RNAs in the genes. Shubin is not only an eminent scientist but he has proved his worth in the form of coherent and stylish author, besides being an irrepressibly excited coach who possesses wittiness, aptitude and cleverness who mesmerizes the readers with his thoughts and therefore readers are able to understand and formulate a real picture of the evolution. One of the finest ways to teach the students the similarity between various animals and humans. The simplest roadmap to their lies in fish (Shubin, 2008).
"The archives of natural history are filled with … cases of species formation exploding as a response to ecological opportunity.…Natural history becomes all the more pleasing and interesting when we look at it through the lens of evolutionary theory and search for the ...
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