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Photosynthesis, respiration, and enzymes - Essay Example

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The glucose created during photosynthesis is ten used for cellular respiration where the glucose is used by plants to grow itself. This process involves glycolysis where the plant breaks down the glucose into two molecules pyruvate and again, an energy is released in the form of ATP. This process does not require oxygen and such called anaerobic respiration. In the next step of respiration, these pyruvate molecules are rearranged in a cycle and in the process produce carbon dioxide where electrons are pulled off and passed and generate ATP for the plant to use for it to grow called aerobic respiration (UCSB, nd).
2. In the absence of oxygen some cells and organisms can use glycolysis coupled to fermentation to produce energy from the sugar created by photosynthesis. Explain the role of fermentation in allowing an organism to generate energy for its cell(s) in the absence of oxygen.
As mentioned above, aerobic respiration rearranges molecules in a cycle and process produce carbon dioxide where electrons are pulled off to a metabolic pathway by which it breaks down the glucose and generate ATP (NCBI, nd). This process of respiration results to the oxidation of the glucose which transfers the energy from the chemical bonds of the molecule glucose to ATP and this process require oxygen. In the absence of oxygen however, organism go through fermentation to produce energy under anaerobic conditions albeit “energy produced through fermentation is lesser because fermentation does not result in the complete oxidation of glucose” (NCBI, nd).
Enzyme catalyzes a reaction at a particular place of a larger enzyme which is the active site. The energy required for this reaction is lowered by forming substrate, a weak temporary bond to the enzyme at the large molecule. All these processes made by the enzyme help turn the substrate into the desired product.
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Glucose is a sugar molecule made up of carbon, oxygen and hydrogen. When this is made by the plant, it sources its carbon and oxygen from carbon dioxide in the air to make glucose…
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Photosynthesis, respiration, and enzymes
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