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The novel "Middle Passages" is written by an American scholar and novelist "Charles R. Johnsons" in 1990. Born in Evanston, Illinois in 1948, Johnson is an African American writer and his work often portrays different issue of Black's lives in America from different perspectives.


The essay strives to explain how the author tells about different historical moments and events in the novel from the perspective of the Native Americans to develop an understanding of their perspective regarding these incidents.
The novel written by Charles Johnson is an obliged modern premise that insists the reader to reassess any predetermined perceptions that they held about the history and the historical truthfulness. This novel can be viewed as a slave narrative tradition that apprehends personality development in malice of terrific odds and contains an unequivocal opinion memorandum. In the novel, he especially focuses on the authenticity of written history and argues that the use of narrative style to describe the historical events gives a fictitious impression to the event and thus, it should be avoided and discouraged. The novel replicates the traditional slave storylines in its doggedness on the importance of establishing a home as an axis of distinctiveness and ownership.
In the novel, Johnson has attempted to rewrite the history with the intention to fill the gaps between what was actually happened and experienced by the Native Americans during that time and what has been described in the history ...
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