Miguel de Cervantes Don Quijote

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In the first place, Cervantes here is mocking the convention of ending the romances with a promise to produce a continuation. Secondly, such sequels were mostly penned by writers other than the original author. Thirdly, Cervantes himself resorted to this device, most notably in La Galatea, which he recurrently promised to supplement with a second part right up to the end of his life.


But the ironic twist occurs when Avellaneda takes up this convention and brings out his "second part" of the Quijote. (John G. Weiger, 1986)
Indeed, one of the ways in which the two parts may be contrasted is by noting how many characters of Part II bring forth their compositions, whatever their merit: from the "humanist" and his accumulation of worthless facts to the poetic efforts of Don Lorenzo; from the correspondence between Don Quijote and Sancho and between Sancho and Teresa to the letters between Teresa and the duchess(John G. Weiger, 1986)
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