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Absenteeism within the Work Place

Researchers as well as practitioners are also performing their part to find a remedy that can at least reduce employee absenteeism and thereby improve the productivity and savings in cost. It is known commonly that absenteeism results in cost and productivity problems, puts extra burden on other employees, and ultimately affects adversely customer satisfaction and the country's economy. It has been observed through many studies that lack of absenteeism results in better quality, lower costs, and greater productivity (Hazzard, 1990). Absenteeism is pervasive in all organization irrespective of size, type and nature. However, it is higher in manufacturing organizations. Research supports both reward and punitive mechanism of destructing absenteeism and helping organizations meet its demand to various stakeholders. The present study is an attempt to suggest some solutions to this mounting problem of workers absenteeism. The study basically aims to assess the reasons of absenteeism among the selected sample respondents from industrial background. It also attempts to understand the impact of unauthorized absenteeism on productivity and cost of production and ultimately on profit. The study takes a descriptive as well as explorative approach where in attempt is made by the researcher to describe the various factors responsible for employee absenteeism and to explore the relationship between variables. ...
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Researchers as well as practitioners are also performing their part to find a remedy that can at least reduce employee absenteeism and thereby improve the productivity and savings in cost…
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