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Service Organisation

Accessibility is a key issue and an importance operations management issue for hotels and this essay will use Holiday Inn Nottingham as a case study to analyse the operational functions of a service organisation.
The operational functions of an organisation are those that enable it to undertake its role (Flaherty 1996, Slack et al 1998). In the case of a service organisation, the operational functions would be those that implement the organisation's core service. In the case of Holiday Inn Nottingham, its operational functions will involve those functions that enable customers to book their services, and the people involved in making sure this is carried out appropriately. The operational functions of an organisation are also determined by the three roles as implementers of business strategy, supporters to the business strategy and as the drivers of business strategy (Flaherty 1996, Slack et al 1998). This has several meanings for Holiday Inn Nottingham, because as an implementer of business strategy it will have to ensure that it puts the general Holiday Inn strategy into place. This would include attracting customers to the hotel by managing and promoting the Holiday Inn brand in Nottingham, through marketing and advertising the organisation. ...
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Holiday Inn Nottingham is part of the Holiday Inn franchise and is located very close to the Nottingham city centre. Its proximity to the city centre ensures that it benefits from a variety of clientele, and it also means that it can cater for both business clients and leisure clients…
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