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Tobacco and cigarette companies deal with complex issues, which place upon them the dilemma of finding a compromise between ethics and being a socially responsible company, and developing ways to become more profitable. Unlike companies in other industries, tobacco and cigarette companies cannot simply implement advertising and marketing campaigns because of the potentially harmful nature of its products.


In order to address this problem, the CEO of the tobacco and cigarette company must device a strategy to locate new markets for their products while at the same time ensuring that they get the most profit out of their traditional one. In this case, the CEO could consider expanding their market abroad through exporting their final products to countries in Asia, where a large percentage of the population already smoke. In doing so, the company could utilize their current, and even old, marketing and advertising strategies to promote their product, allowing the company to save money from developing a new advertising campaign in their prospective markets.
In addition, because a large percentage of the population in this region already smoke, this strategy decreases, to a certain extent, the ethical burden that the company will face in turning non-smokers into smokers. However, it is imperative for the company to focus their marketing campaign into attracting current smokers to switch brands and not in converting non-smokers.
The aforementioned strategy can also be stretched further by setting up a manufacturing plant in developing countries in Asia. ...
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