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Assignment example - Historical Museum Marketing Plan

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I have been retained by the directors of Larissa Ethnographical and Historical Museum (LEHM) to evaluate the company's current position relative to its community and target market. Over the past 30 days I have collected general company information, surveyed the marketing environment, and applied standard market plan procedures to those observations…

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This plan includes the following sections: Analysis, where both an information audit and marketing audit inform the mission statement; Planning, where the key issues and market position applicable to the company are compiled into a strategic development structure; Implementation, where the aforementioned analysis is distilled into specific recommendations regarding product, placement, price, and promotion; and Control, where specific systems for monitoring and evaluation are framed within the context of the relevant organizational implications in terms of budget, staffing, and organizational structure.
Appropriate use of the recommendations included herein will position the management of LEHM to guide the marketing of the company's products and services so as to maximize operational revenue, profitability, and funding of future growth.
To assist with analyzing the company's market potential, I will perform an information audit designed to determine what needed information is lacking. I will perform a marketing audit to determine how well any current marketing resources are being used and then formulate a mission statement that management can use to help make employee's investment in the company's objectives undemanding.
An information audit will provide me with the necessary parameters for developing the plan. ...
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