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Case Study example - e-Business

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Case Study
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Forecasts for electronic commerce over the next few years are in the trillions. In the United States, Forester Research forecasts US$2.7 trillion in sales from electronic commerce in 2004. International electronic commerce is also expected to experience explosive growth in the future (Bodkin & Perry 2001).

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Hoffman & Novak (1996:51) described the internet as a "phenomenal marketing opportunity".
This same definition was later echoed by Palmer & Griffith (1998:45) when they state that, the internet has created a new revolution in marketing by providing much more than just a new medium through which organization communicate to the public. E-marketing has become an important phenomenal for Business to Business, Consumers to Consumers as well as Business to consumers marketing. As the fight of market shares and quest for product success continue, e-strategy has offered marketers and businesses all the necessary tactics, and methods to give their product a break through, or remain competitive (Frost et al. 2001). This assignment examines and evaluates the supply chain management functions of an ebusiness. Using Wal-Mart as a case study, the paper examines the electronic business platform of the organisation with attention on the supply chain.
Supply chain management (SCM) is a tactical and management tool employed by present day business to efficiently integrate suppliers, manufacturers, warehouses, and customers so that a company's merchandise is produced, distributed at the right quantities, locations, and the right time (Cheng, Lai & Gunasekaran 2006). This is to minimize system wide costs while satisfying service-level requirements (Cheng, Lai & Gunasekaran 2006). ...
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