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The Extended Marketing Mix

In order for customers to recognize your product, it is required to differentiate your product to highlight it in the eyes of the customer. Differentiation can be done on any basis; depending on what is more highly rated in your potential customer. The company on since it started working in 1981 has been focused on providing the best quality for their product. Crosland employed the method of carefully manufacturing various electronic goods such as amplifiers, tuners, record disks, cassette players etc and imported speakers from a relatively smaller shop and branded them with their own name. Since it relied on quality and produced specialized electronic equipment; they differentiated their product on this basis only. They provided quality services to their customer; the price was not their competitive factor.
Distribution patterns are considered extremely important in marketing because no matter how beautiful and penetrating the marketing activities are, if the product is not available to the consumers when they ask for it, they will probably move to another product and start using it. Many products have failed due to the failure of the company to address the problem of proper and timely distribution of the product in the areas where there is extensive demand. ...
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The marketing mix is designed to properly channel the various resources that are put into the production and marketing of a certain kind of product. The marketing concept forms the basis of this field.
Competitive advantage is something that every company strives to achieve in this ever competitive world…
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