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Shopping Motivation - Essay Example

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Research studies, since 1970s, continuously focused on finding the linkages between the consumer products and their potential correlation with the "consumption related attitudes" (Orepsa, 1995) thus there is a great body of knowledge available which strongly predict the role of different motivations that exist when consumers decide to make a buying decision.

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Shopping Motivation

however behind all these characteristics, the motivation to buy is one of the key variables which contribute towards shaping the overall strategies for marketing. Thus, analyzing and understanding different shopping motivations allow managers to help them better their segmentation policies as well as the development of new and more penetrating retail marketing strategies. (Wagner,2007).
The traditional research in this area however, remained focused on the interaction of consumers with the physical market places to make their buying decisions however, over the period of time, as the new forms of markets and marketing evolved, the scope has broadened and currently research in this area also focus on the different motivations of consumers while making purchase decisions in different market settings.
This paper will attempt to study and anlyse different shopping motivations that exists when consumers make buying decisions. This paper however, also takes into consideration Means End Chain and its links to the Goal Directed Theory while presenting analyzing various shopping motivations.
According to dictionary definition of Consumer, a consumer is one who consumes an economic good. ...
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