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Statement of purpose Master

I am the type that likes to take challenges, that is why I like puzzles. I do not easily give up until I am able to unravel them. I am more on the serious side than the one that prefers to relax. However, I enjoy travelling to places and seeing things that are exotic, which is why travel is very important to me. This is an activity that has given me much pleasure as well as lessons I could hardly get from other sources.
My principal research interests lie in the field of consumer behaviour and relationship marketing. I am particularly interested in consumer switching behaviour. If given the chance to be admitted to the Ph.D. program on Marketing, I shall focus on tourism and the travel sector. I project my career goal at the direction of tourism marketing for my country.
Taiwan has a promising future in marketing that could be realized if its citizens, especially the professionals, bond together and focus on strategic areas. Tourism marketing could be one of these that can give a boast to the national economy at the same time help other countries in terms of professionalized services. The United Kingdom is a fair country to learn these things, given the resources of this country and the mix of its students and professors.
Given the time and chance to continue studying, I have done researches whether alone or with my major professor which findings I could still exploit. ...
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I am Hysing-Yi Huang, a Taiwanese, and a marketing specialist by profession. I am a graduate of international hotel and tourism in my undergraduate studies, and business management in my master's course. My work experiences, training, and education have practically been on tourism and marketing.
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