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Case Study
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The report will also undertake the evaluation of the opportunities for the company to introduce new Product in the Australian Market which is Orange juices. The report contains a Marketing Plan for the product to be introduced by the Company.
First part of the report provides information about the core business of Cadbury limited the range of products and its operations.


The report will also define the segments which need to be addressed by the company in order to enhance their sales.
The later part of the report explains the justification of the product launch and various objectives which would be helpful to achieve targets, and finally it concludes with the sales forecast and the Marketing Mix.
Although soft drinks trends patterns are substantial in Australia still there are many factors which will play an important part in the acceptance of the product by the consumers. There is healthy demand for the imported fresh juices which can be fulfilled by Cadbury Orange Juice.
Cadbury traces its history in Australia since the year 1919. It is one of the leading chocolate and Ice Cream manufacturers in Australia. The major specialty of the company is Chocolate. By merging with the Schweppes, Cadbury expanded its operation and identity. The expansion continued and in 1980 it acquired the Red Tulip confectionery company and broadened its range of fine products to include a vast array of Easter confectionery, as well as After Dinner Mints. The company entered the Asian region in 1995 and established a factory in Beijing, China. ...
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