Management of Human Resources

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Mankind and human civilizations have both been evolved over the period of time. The overall pattern of the evolution is ascending. It means that there has been a gradual advancement in the human society, ever since it came into being. The advancement in science and technology, on one hand, is making our society a knowledge society and making the world a global village where physical boundaries are disappearing and more and more societies and culture are interaction.


Among such processes which significantly changed and provided new ways to perform it, the process of appraisal is a major one. (Mathis & Jackson, 2007)
Performance appraisal, also known as employee appraisal, is a process by which the performance of an employee is measured (generally in terms of quality, quantity, cost and time). Performance appraisals are said to be a part of career development. These appraisals are a regular review of employee performance within organizations. In the case given, the performance apprisal done for the employees was being considered unjustified and as a result the employees were considereing the practices of the company as discriminatory. (Chattopadhyay, Glick, & Huber, 2001)
The leaders of the organization are the key to the success of any organization. It they who set the goals, define the mission and vision and work with the employees to get the objectives completed. The problem that the company is facing is due to the lack of leadership qualities shown by the leader and non-satisfactory part played by the managers in performing their roles. Let's identify some of the problems that are found in the company: (Mathis & Jackson, 2007)
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