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Essay example - Business case report

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Siam Canadian Co., Ltd. was founded in 1987 by James Gulkin, Managing Director, with its main office in Bangkok, Thailand. The company delivers frozen seafood and other products to major buyers worldwide, and because Thailand has been able to produce agricultural products more cheaply than other Asian countries, this has been of benefit to the company…

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At present, it has inter-linked offices strategically located throughout Asia-including Thailand, Vietnam, Myanmar (Burma), China and India.
Siam Canadian, in an effort to expand its bases, had to determine if opening a branch in Burma would be feasible at that time. It was important for the company to explore the possible risks of such a move, and a study of the country of Burma was necessary.
One risk that needed to be addressed was the United States decision in April 1997, to clamp sanctions on Burma. It quickly became evident, however, that the United States had less economic leverage in Burma than in many countries around the world. And it failed to persuade Burma's neighbors in the region-- its primary trading partners -- to join in any form of sanctions.3 Effects of US economic sanctions also were offset by Burma's admission into the Association of South-East Asian Nations in 1997. One Burmese official had already shrugged off the sanctions. "We have been surviving without any assistance from the US government for years, so I don't think these sanctions will have any effect on the Myanmar (Burmese) economy," he said.4
Another possible risk was the existence of a powerful military group, which in 1997 was renamed Union Solidarity Development Association and was r ...
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