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Management Change

In considering the movement of an organization from one country to another, the impact of the international environment has to be considered primarily as the organizational structure is highly influenced by the international marketing environment. In this discussion we focus on the nature of the organizational structure and the impact of the international environment on the company that is analysed here and would also discuss the cultural and non cultural factors that seem to affect an organization that shifts base from one country to another (Axinn and Matthissens, 2006).
We examine the organizational structure, also the international environment and business environment on international marketing strategies. The implementation of the marketing mix is also considered along with the effects of internationalization and movements of a company from one country to another (Axinn and Matthissens, 2006; Balmer, 2006). ...
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This essay deals with the expansion of Ikea, a leading furnishings company and shows the changes in its marketing mix and business development perspectives from one country to another. The organizational structure within the chosen company and in a general business environment will be discussed, and the impact of the international environment on business will be discussed as it relates to international marketing…
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