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Managing Business in Europe

Though, there are lot of prominent automobile manufacturers in Europe, majority of the production of automobiles required for the European market is outsourced. The prominent automobile manufacturers in Europe are DaimlerChrysler, Volkswagen (VW), BMW, Ford Europe, General Motors (GM) Europe, Renault, PSA (Peugeot-Citro'n), Fiat and Porsche etc. "The EU is the largest automotive production region in the world and the industry comprises 6.5 % of the manufacturing sector in the Union. Direct employment by the automotive industry stands at about 2.2 million employees, while the total employment effect (direct and indirect) is estimated to be about 12 million" (THE AUTOMOTIVE SECTOR, 2009).
This report analyses; Influence of EU's policies on Automotive Industry; Influence of Single European Market or EMU on Automotive Industry; Opportunities and threats for Automotive Industry associated with the enlargement of the European Union; Automotive Industry strategies for Europe etc.
The increasingly international setting of business makes it harder and harder to establish the boundaries of a national economy or even to separate the European economy from its global context (Wallace &Young, 1997, p.3) Globalization and liberalization policies have revolutionized the who world and the business strategies were redefined in order to meet the demands of a global world by many of t ...
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The European Union (EU) automotive market is the second-largest in the world (17.4 million), after the Asia-Pacific region (including Japan and Korea) which account for the production of around 19.3 million automobiles. The European market is highly competitive with about 40 manufacturers offering products…
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